Since we purchased Chippindale Foods we have invested heavily to increase the capacity of our Chippindale’s packing site based in Flaxby, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in order to fit our fully integrated supply chain model. The expansion to Chippindale’s site has now been complete, and includes our own seconds processing facility, to enable us to supply our other manufacturing sites with liquid egg.

We’re looking for the most forward thinking Producers to join our progressive direct supply network.

Chippindale Foods works together with the Morrisons Egg Team in an open and transparent joint effort to shape the future of the egg category in our stores.

Our producer offer includes:

●      Long term sustainable and transparent pricing model fixed across the group

●      Free to buy model on feed and pullets

●      Annual pricing reviews with the involvement of all stakeholders

●      ‘Chuckle Eggs’ 12p per pack returned directly to producers

●      Feed Tracker pricing option

●      FREE Lion Passport Training Accredited Courses

●      11 day payment terms

●      Involvement in industry leading initiatives

●      In house processing to use within Morrisons manufacturing

We also offer a team of specialists who offer on hand Producer support:

●      Hands on Technical Team providing guidance throughout production

●      Compliance guidance and support

●      Budget and business planning

●      Regular producer meetings


What we are looking for:

●      New and existing free range egg producers

●      20% of the range planted with woodland

●      Good access and loading facilities

If you are interested in becoming a producer for Morrisons:

Please contact the Chippindales Agriculture team on 01423 884042.