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Sophie ThroupSenior Agriculture


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Joe MannionHead of Livestock
Sam TrickLivestock and Farming Development
Michael WinchesterSenior Livestock
George ClaphamLivestock
Jim HoldenLivestock
Michael WilsonLivestock
Ray PlattsLivestock
Richard SharrattLivestock
Stephen ZealandLivestock
Richard WhiteLivestock Transport


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Colne Livestock OfficeLivestock Admin Team

01282865704 - Option 1


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Turriff Livestock OfficeLivestock Admin Team

01888563751 - Option 1

Chippindale Foods

Direct number - 01423884042

Nick ChippindaleHead of Business Development
Richard PearsonProducer Development Manager
Hazel RussellProducer Technical Support
Tom RhodesProducer Technical Support
Emma ThroupProducer Technical Support