Farmers Boy is home to our most diverse category, producing added value chilled goods such as bacon and sausage, whole and sliced cooked meats, fruit and savory pies and quiches, mince, cheese and precision cut steaks. All of these lines are produced on a daily basis from our 3 sites in Bradford, Winsford and Deeside. Combined they produce c.4,000t per week via a skilled workforce of over 2,500 colleagues.

Farmers Boy produces all kinds of added value chilled goods. Bacon. Sausages. Whole and sliced cooked meats. Fruit. Savoury pies. Quiches. Mince. Cheese. Precision cut steaks and more. All of these are produced daily at our three sites in Bradford, Winsford and Deeside. Our combined skilled team of over 2,500 colleagues produces around 4,000 tonnes of fresh produce every week.

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