Covid-19 Support for Farmers

The unprecedented events of the Covid-19 outbreak have been devastating for many people in the agriculture industry. As British farming's largest supermarket customer, at Morrisons we are doing everything we can to support our farmers, and have been sourcing 100% of our own brand fresh meat, milk and eggs from British farmers for generations.

External Help and Support:

If you are struggling or want some advice on how to cope during these trying times, there are organisations ready to help and support you.

  • Morrisons are co-funding and supporting the Food Farm Help website's Covid Winter Response Project. Click here to find out more. The site will be updated weekly until the end of 2020, and includes a variety of resources:
    • 91 Covid-19 good practice documents, tools, templates and case studies
    • Summaries and slides from two webinars held in September
    • Case studies from businesses on outbreak management and worker awareness
    • A review of Covid-19 in the UK and global news and resources
  • The Farming Help Partnership has been set up to support farmers in need of guidance and support. Click here for more information, or call them on 03000 111 999.
  • The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) have developed a comprehensive set of guidance for farmers and growers to help manage businesses during Covid-19. Click here to find out more.
  • If you or anyone you know in the farming community are struggling with your health and resilience,Yellow Wellies are here to support you. Visit their website for details on how to contact them.


In reaction to the pressures felt by our suppliers during these uncertain times, we have taken several steps to ensure we are doing all we can to support the British agricultural industry.

If you'd like to find out more about some of our suppliers, click here.

Paying Suppliers:

As Britain's biggest foodmaker, we want to be there to support the smaller foodmakers, farmers and businesses that supply us. So, from the 13 March 2020, we have paid all of our small suppliers (defined as firms with a turnover of up to £1million) immediately to help them weather any difficulties they may face. 

5% Discount Offer:

As a thank you to our farming suppliers for everything they do, since 23 April 2020, 2,700 of our farmer suppliers have been eligible for 5% discount on their shopping from Morrisons.

Opening BBQ and Steak Bars, BBQ and Fish Bars:

In recent weeks, meat and fish producers have been unable to sell certain products, including high quality steak, joints, whole fish and shellfish, that might have been destined for cafes and restaurants. Our 'BBQ and Steak Bar and 'BBQ and Seafood Bar' will offer a wider selection of steaks, joints and seafood to our customers.

Food Boxes:

Following the successful launch of our Essentials Food Box, we have now also launched specific boxes packed with our own brand Meat and Fish ranges. We are also proud to have our British Food Box, containing some products from our For Farmers range. £1 from each British Food Box sale will be donated to British Farming Charities via The Prince's Countryside Fund. 

The Lincolnshire Rural Network is one organisation that has been supported through our customers buying British Food Boxes:

Lincolnshire Rural Network (LRSN) are a volunteer-led organisation that provide pastoral and practical support to the farming and rural community during periods of anxiety, stress, and problems relating to their families and businesses. The Charity work closely with other organisations and key members of the rural community to provide social and mental wellbeing support and ensure everyone can access help across rural Lincolnshire, should they need it.

A local Lincolnshire farm vet says: “As a farm vet we can gently guide farming folk in the direction of help when needed. LRSN are where we turn for many a farmer as a first port of call whether the issue be physical, mental, or financial. Their services should not be undervalued, and I have had pleasure of seeing them help farmers get out of a muddle or seen the LRSN nurses at work in the livestock markets speaking to farmers who I’m sure has not ventured into their doctor’s practice for many a year.”

Press Activity:

Earlier this year, we wrapped a 'Thank You to British Farmers' advert around The Sun newspaper as a way of raising awareness of the great work being done by British farmers to feed the nation.