Our Beef Livestock - Morrisons Farming

British Beef

The vast majority of the cattle we buy are steers and heifers bred from suckler cows put to a Continental breed bull (e.g Limousin). These provide beef for our core British Beef range available in all Morrisons stores. Our buyers source cattle direct from breeder/finishers and pure finishers located across the UK.

OriginUK only
BreedsMainly Continental
SexSteers and heifers
AgeUnder 36 months
GradesR to U+
Fat Class3 & 4L
Carcass Weight270-430kg*
SitesColne, Spalding & Turriff

All stock must be Farm Assured

*Cattle over 430kg will be paid to 430kg, with a sliding scale of deductions over 435kg 

Shorthorn beef

Morrisons Shorthorn Beef Scheme is available to suppliers who have submitted a Declaration for Approved Finishers, and been approved. This includes providing details of the diet the cattle are finished on, which must be high in grain. Cattle must be sired by a Shorthorn bull (Beef Shorthorn, Shorthorn or Whitebred Shorthorn) to be eligible for the premiums paid on this scheme. Beef is aged for 21 days, and sold as part of Morrisons 'The Best' range and Beef Shorthorn branded.

OriginUK only
BreedsSired by Beef Shorthorn, Shorthorn, Whitebred Shorthorn
SexSteers and heifers
AgeUnder 30 months
Carcass Weight270-400kg
Sites Colne, Spalding & Turriff
DaysVaries by site - contact your buyer

Shorthorn Beef Decleration 

Yearling Beef

Efficient beef: Bulls grow faster and more efficiently than steers, but the meat from older bulls can suffer quality problems. However, studies by Morrisons and the Beef Improvement Group (BIG) show that if slaughtered at 12 to 14 months of age, eating quality in yearling bulls compares well with steers. The Morrisons Yearling Beef Scheme has been developed with the BIG to make production more competitive for producers. For more information on Stabiliser yearling beef, contact Ursula Taylor, BIG Sales Manager on 01377227790.

OriginUK only
BreedsStabiliser (other breeds by negotiation)
GradesR to U+
Carcass Weight300-400kg
Fat Class3 and 4L
Age and DLWG criteria apply 
SitesColne, Spalding & Turriff
DaysBy negotiation

Dairy Beef

Our Dairy Beef programme at Morrisons produces consistently high quality cattle in even batches, which allows for a higher efficiency within rearing, finishing and processing. The partnership was set up with Buitelaar International, and has since 2016 has placed over 20,000 dairy beef cattle on the ground. For more information click here

Clean Cattle 
Cold Carcass Weight280-400kg
Target Fat Class3/4L