We’re very mindful about the origin of feed, and proteins such as soy which may have come from areas with a high risk of deforestation or land conversion carry with them a high carbon footprint, due to the effect their growing could have had on the planet.

As Morrisons we work closely with the whole industry and are members of collaborative groups such as the Roundtable for Responsible Soy Association; you can find out more by visiting our corporate website here.

We appreciate that soys is a valuable source of high quality protein for livestock especially in the pig and poultry industries. That’s why we’ve been working hard with farmers who supply us to find innovative and valuable alternatives such as the insect generation units by Cambridge based ag-tech company, Better Origin.

Each unit houses enough insects to feed 32,000 hens and will receive waste from our manufacturing sites each week. One gramme of insect eggs multiplies to 5,000 grammes of insect larvae in under 14 days and collectively, 10 units have the potential to feed 320,000 free range hens who lay millions of eggs a year. Insects are a natural foraged food for hens which have been a part of their ancestral diet for thousands of years.