Poultry Farmers - Morrisons Farming

All Morrisons-label Fresh Chicken in 100% British. We work through a small number of UK processors to deliver fresh chicken which is produced to some of the highest welfare standards in the world. Each processor works with a number of local farmers in their particular region of the UK, typically 30 to 40 specialist poultry rearing farms. We work closely with these farmers through Producer Groups.

Poultry meat is a fast growing market and our poultry farmers are some of the most efficient, sustainable and welfare conscious in any sector. Many farms have installed biomass heating systems to turn chicken manure into heat, while all actively monitor a number of key welfare indicators.

In 2011 we were the first major supermarket to introduce natural lighting into all our chicken units following research into chicken behaviour with the University of Bristol. This means that all Morrisons chicken , not just our Free Range and Organic products, benefit from some of the highest welfare standards found anywhere.

As well as Red Tractor, we have introduced additional measures for the full range of poultry coming into our fresh chicken, turkey and duck supply including increased health and welfare monitoring, checking of stock and training of staff. Working closely with our suppliers, we monitor and manage key welfare indicators including pododermatitis, hock marks, leg culls, mortality and stocking densities. We benchmark and share all results among all our suppliers, working together to consider innovations, research and information needed to support and improve best practice.

Please click here to view our 2020 standards for poultry welfare.

We monitor antibiotic use of our chicken supply every month, ensuring that we achieve our Morrisons’ targets, which thanks to the hard work of our farmers and suppliers, are now set as more challenging than the RUMA industry targets for the sector