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Farming Reports

Farming Reports
Morrisons vertical integration, and its public commitment to British sourcing of key proteins, means that a competitive British farming industry is essential to the business. We don’t just buy from the farmers we work with; we work with them to improve their business and ours. To do this more effectively, we established an expert-led programme in 2009.

Our farming programme covers a broad range of issues from keeping British produce competitive with imports, strengthening our commitment to animal welfare and broader sustainability. At the core of the programme are our supply chain groups that help us to ensure that the work we do is fully focused on current practical issues affecting suppliers and their concerns for the future. The groups are comprised of farmers and processors and cover all species- beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, cheese and milk.

Farm research

Morrisons works with universities and other research institutions in the UK to understand best practice in animal production and make practical advice available to our farmer suppliers. All our research is led by experts, but ideas come from many sources: from the farmers themselves, from people in our own business and from our own farm.

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