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Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming
Morrisons is one of Britain’s biggest retailers of milk, cheese, butter, cream and yoghurts. All of our fresh milk and cream in 100% British, as is the majority of our butter and yoghurt.

Dairy farming is key part of the UK farming industry, and we recognise that British dairy farms have high welfare standards and are some of the most efficient in the EU. The warm and wet UK climate is well suited to dairy production, particularly in the west of Britain, and we want to work closely with the industry to ensure it has a bright future.

Since March 2018, we have an aligned group of around 350 UK dairy farmers, who supply their milk to Morrisons via Arla, a farmer owned co-operative. Farmers supplying Morrisons work with us on a range of health and welfare measures for their herd, and are paid an additional premium for their efforts. We also introduced our Milk For Farmers range in October 2015; the whole range including milk, cream, butter and bacon has now generated more than £10m which goes directly back to British farmers.

We also have dairy processing partners who supply our butter and yoghurt, and work with smaller groups of farmers who supply local and artisan cheeses and yoghurts.

All of the farms that supply Morrisons must be Farm Assured to the Red Tractor Standard and we actively monitor on-farm animal welfare standards through our processing partners. In recent years we have established Producer Groups where dairy farmers get together with Morrisons representatives on a regular basis to work on issues around efficiency, sustainability and animal welfare. Click on the Producer Group link to learn more.

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